My latest Home Assistant configuration

In the month since I first posted about how I am using Home Assistant, I’ve made a number of improvements to my configuration. These changes were mostly focused around usability–removing clutter from the interface and simplifying the layout–without losing any functionality. Two changes in particular really simplified the default view, making our light groupings more manageable and less overwhelming.

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Perhaps I was being paranoid…

At the time, someone asked why my post in response to the Orlando nightclub shooting didn’t support comments or likes. The answer is simple, sad, and a bit insidious: given the subject, I was concerned about the response, and any undue attention that those interactions might draw.

Absurdly pleased

I installed a GE switch that supports Zigbee, so the painful florescent light in our kitchen doesn’t glare at me any longer without recourse.

I’m absurdly happy about being able to control a built-in light from Home Assistant.

I’ve also learned that GE’s Zigbee line is far more reliable than Leviton’s Z-Wave products.

A bit of fun with home networking

There are several reasons why a robust, reliable home network are important to my husband and me. First, we both work from home. Second, the vast majority of our entertainment is streamed. Lastly, the mobile phone reception in our apartment complex is poor. In many ways, our connection to the internet is our only connection to our lives and livelihoods.

We’re fortunate, as far as networking is concerned, to have all of our connected devices concentrated in two areas of two adjacent rooms. As a result, only one long cable run was needed to wire all but our mobile phones to the network. We’re also lucky enough to live in part of Time Warner Cable’s territory that offers 300mpbs service, providing further incentive for a strong home network.

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My Home Assistant configurations

As promised, I’m open-sourcing my Home Assistant configuration files. I benefitted greatly from the samples Home Assistant links to at, and hope that by sharing these, others can similarly benefit.

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Cataloging our smart-home devices

Last week, I provided an overview of how I’ve introduced automation and control to our apartment by combining various smart-home devices with a robust platform to manage those inputs. My earlier post described, in broad terms, the hardware and software I’ve leveraged, and some of the automations I’ve implemented. Today, in anticipation of releasing the software configurations that make this possible, I’ll inventory the devices used and explain their roles in the overall system.

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