Dodd Assumed “It Was Just Enhanced Customer Service”

Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT), who has been under fire for his relationship with Countrwide Financial, again this week denied that he received any special treatment under the “Friends of Angelo” program. Speaking at a Danbury, CT Chamber of Commerce meeting, the Senator said he believed he was only receiving better customer service due to his lengthy relationship with the lender and the fact that he was refinancing existing loans. Had he known he was receiving a preferential rate owing to his position, he said, he would have terminated the relationship immediately. Dodd, who heads the Senate Banking Committee, is currently working on a plan to help homeowners struggling with unaffordable subprime mortages.

Source: Harriet Jones, reporter for WNPR, in various news pieces aired during hourly news updates on NPR and WNPR, and WNPR’s “Business Report.”