Google May Achieve Synergy Where So Many Failed

Google is expected to announced today a new tool for tracking web site visitors. The offering is geared towards advertisers, to help them make better decisions about where to put their ad dollars. Already, Google offers a service called Analytics, which provides some similar features but is geared towards the web in general. Analytics does integrate with Google’s Adsense, but I expect that this new service will go beyond the basic integration currently available. I’m also curious to see how this new service might integrate Feedburner, which Google recently acquired.

With all of these different services, Google has an impressive opportunity to build one massive, ad-serving, user-tracking behemoth. If the company can successfully integrate the different tools, advertisers would have access to one of the most powerful tools for targeting their ads accurately, allowing them to better manage their spending on advertisements.

The dreaded “s” word from a bygone internet era also comes to mind with this announcement. Synergy was the hot, new idea in the late 1990s, driving mergers between seemingly incongruous companies like America Online and Time Warner. Hailed as the new media model for the 21st century, it quickly became apparent that the merger was a failure. Google has an opportunity to reduce the stigma of synergy.

The new tool (name unknown) was reported by The Wall Street Journal‘s Emily Steel in “Google to Offer a Tool to Measure Web Hits.”