Iran Launches 4 (Or Is That 3?) Missiles In Show of Force

Apparently no one ever told the Iranians that once you put something on the internet, it’s there forever. Yesterday, the public relations arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard released photos of its missile test showing four missiles lifting off from the Iranian desert. Unfortunately for the Guard, Iranian news site Jamejam had already posted images of the launch, where the fourth rocket is clearly seen sitting on the ground on its launcher. This discrepancy was quickly picked up yesterday by a New York Times photo editor, exacerbated by the poor quality of the Photoshopping on the fourth rocket. As seen below, the left image is an unaltered look at the failed launch, while the right image shows the changes made by the Revolutionary Guard.

The left photo shows the failed fourth rocket, while the right image shows all successfully launched.

This just goes to show how little the Iranians understand about the internet. Did the Revolutionary Guard honestly think no one would notice this?

Source:Picture: Iran ‘fakes’ missile launch after misfire,” Times Online, July 10, 2008.