Thank you Mr. Ivins

Bruce Ivins’ suicide is a tacit admission of his guilt. His timing amplifies this fact. I would like to take the time to thank Mr. Ivins for taking his own life, thereby saving the taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees, suicide watch, and housing on death row. One simple act both answered a long-standing question (who sent the letters?) and resolved the situation at the same time. I think the American people should thank Mr. Ivins for saving us the time and money involved with his prosecution, conviction, numerous appeals, and eventual death. We, the public, can accept not knowing the “why” in exchange for Mr. Ivins’ self-serving sacrifice.

Mr. Ivins preyed on the fears of the American public, and for that, I have no mercy for him. And in some ways, by avoiding the trial, he has escaped the tortured life he would have and should have led for many years, taking mercy where he deserved none.

One wonders if he considered the ignominious existence his family is now condemned to when he sent the first letter.