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I’ve been using Google Voice ( for a month now and I love it. With the service, you are provided a central phone number that allows you to receive your calls on a variety of phones.

In my case, I have a smartphone and a dumbphone. When I’m using the GPS on my smartphone, I don’t want to take calls because it interrupts my data connection (the joys of CDMA). With Google Voice, I can take the calls on the dumbphone and still use the smartphone for data purposes. The callers are none the wiser. If I need to switch phones during an incoming call, it’s as easy as pressing star.

It’s also useful if one travels to areas where cellphone service can be spotty. I, for example, am spending a few days in New Hampshire. While cell service is spotty, there is a landline phone where I’m staying. With Google Voice, I can add temporary phones for just this situation. By doing so, I can still be reached by phone without having to give out a different number or worry about checking various voicemail systems.

Invites are going out now with fury, so if you’re interested, add your name to the list at

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  1. This is a comment concerning the Google Voice invite you posted on your twitter.

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  2. I’m also interested in the GV invite. I could really use it! I’ve been waiting for an invite for over 2 years. Hope I get your spare!

  3. Yay for google voice and GO SOX!

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  4. Hey, I just got this message from one of the message boards on GV. I would really enjoy having Google Voice since I am very fluent in the field of study being a college student. My major is CIS so I work with a lot of programming as well as analysis in school. It would be of great pleasure to get your spare. Thanks for the opportunity.


  5. Thank You So Much! You are awesome! The invite worked perfectly, and Google Voice is awesome! Thanks again!

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  6. I asked Google for an invite ages ago and still havn’t got one yet!

    I’ve been a skype user since it first came out, I now have a blackberry and have been waiting for skype to release an app for the blackberry, however after hearing about google voice, I downloaded the app for my blackberry straight away! … all I need now is an invite! 🙂

    Is there anyone out there who has been a skype user and has switched to google voice? Wha is it like in comparison?

    I absolutely love Google’s business model, but waiting is sooooo frustrating!!!

    I don’t mean to be cheeky, but if anybody has an spare invite, I would really love one!!!

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