Sarah Palin Continues to Confuse

Since Sarah Palin’s surprise announcement on July 26 that she would resign as governor of Alaska, she has offered a variety of explanations, often rambling and sometimes incoherent, which invariably have left many wonder if there wasn’t more to the story.

As a result, rumors are running rampant, including those of an impending divorce and relocation of the children. Earlier today, the blog AlaskaReport “confirmed” a rumor that Sarah and husband Todd were divorcing and she was moving the family to Montana, based on another blog post at the Immoral Minority. In response, Sarah Palin’s spokesperson posted a note on her Facebook page indicating that the rumor is false, and her attorney denied the rumor to CBS News. The Christian Science Monitor did a great job of recapping the day’s events at The Vote Blog.

Given how much confusion, controversy, and conspiracy theory swirls around Sarah Palin’s resignation, the rumors likely won’t cease until she announces her next move and all can see how this decision plays into her strategy.