New Year’s Resolutions

Rarely do I establish New Year’s resolutions because in the past, the holiday held little significance for me. But, considering the innumerable changes I endured over the course of 2009, now seems like an appropriate time to establish a few resolutions to give some guidance to 2010.

So far, I’ve come up with three rather lofty goals:

  1. Study for the CPA exam – I’ve been procrastinating for six months already, so we’ll see how this one goes.
  2. Find a job – New Hampshire’s unemployment rate is nearly 2% better than Connecticut, so that’s a plus. Besides, I have little interest in moving back to Connecticut. Hopefully there’s something in NH or Massachusetts for me.
  3. Try podcasting – I’ve been told I have a good voice for radio (though with the cold I’m suffering through now, you couldn’t tell), so it’s worth a shot. It might help make my longwinded rants a bit more bearable.

Check back in throughout 2010 as I report on my progress.