Authy for WordPress v0.3

Development of my Authy for WordPress plugin continues with today’s release of version 0.3. There are two notable improvements contained in the latest revision.

First, administrators now have control over what role a user must have to enable two-factor authentication on his/her account. Subscribers don’t need Authy? Not a problem. Running out of API requests each month? Ensure that only those user roles with access to sensitive aspects of WordPress are protected by Authy.

Second, API keys can now be set in a site’s wp-config.php file. Intended for WordPress Multisite users who network-activate the plugin, this enhancement eliminates the need to set API keys for every site on the network.

In addition to these changes, a number of improvements to the plugin’s interactions with the Authy service are included in this release.

The latest version of Authy for WordPress can be downloaded at or installed/updated via the WordPress dashboard.