Tracking A Nomad’s Whereabouts

One of the unique challenges I encounter as a nomad who also leads a team is accessibility, both to my team and my coworkers in general. While I can predict when my team will be working based on their locations, they cannot do the same for me.

Following a rather entertaining conversation in which I asked a coworker about the weather where he lives and he couldn’t respond in kind, I created Currently it’s just a series of scheduled posts, but I would eventually like to tie it either to TripIt or Foursquare. As it happens, I’m running Beau Leben’s excellent Keyring Social Importers, so I already have data from those services accessible within the multisite installation that runs all of my sites.

Are there other, non-homegrown, solutions to accomplish the same? I’ve found a few, but all try to do too much for my needs. One of these days, I suppose I’ll get around to leveraging the data I already have so I can automate this process.

If you travel frequently, have you encountered the same problem? How did you address it?

4 thoughts on “Tracking A Nomad’s Whereabouts”

    1. I did, but found it too involved compared to my custom solution. It’s pretty slick though, and if I didn’t use TripIt to manage my plans, I might have more of a use for it. If it imported from TripIt, that’s be convenient too.

    1. I’ve heard rumor of it, but haven’t used it. Might be useful for my team since I can’t seem to fix the RSS widget to accept my SSL-only RSS feed.

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