Our Western Migration: The Route

Chris and I leave for Los Angeles on Monday, and we’ve finally sorted the route. We’ll take six days to make the trip from my parents’ house in New Hampshire to Ventura, CA, stopping to visit a few friends and family along the way.

Our destinations each day:

  1. Erie, PA, with a stop at Niagara Falls (610 miles)
  2. East Troy, WI (531 miles)
  3. Manhattan, KS (651 miles)
  4. Grand Junction, CO (735 miles)
  5. Kingsman, AZ with a stop at the Grand Canyon (609 miles)
  6. Ventura, CA (362 miles)

If we stick to this route, we’ll cover 3,498 miles along the way. My 2007 VW Rabbit averages between 30 and 33 mpg, so the journey should take about eight tanks of fuel.

We’ll see 15 different states as we go: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California.

Though we’ve only planned stops at two attractions along the way, Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon, I fully expect we’ll interrupt each day’s drive as we notice amusing or interesting things our route takes us near.

I’ll post photos at https://i.ethitter.com/ as we proceed.