SiriusXM sells its subscriber list, apparently

I’ve been a SiriusXM subscriber for a long time, and even with their ever-increasing subscription fees, the company continually struggles to make money. Today I received a voicemail that helps explain how they’re still in business.

Last year, I rented a car that had an inactive Sirius radio in it. Since I was going to have the car for a few weeks, I activated its radio on my Sirius account, cancelled the subscription after I returned the vehicle, and carried on with my business. This afternoon, I received a voicemail from one of those scammy companies trying to sell extended vehicle warranties. The caller urgently needed to speak with me about my 2013 Audi Q5. I don’t own one, and I can’t see confusing a 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit with one. Sure enough, the Audi is one of the vehicles I rented in the past year, but is the only one I also added to my SiriusXM account.

Selling your customers’ personal information is one way to pay the bills, I suppose. Google does the same in exchange for free services, but at least they’re upfront about it.

2 thoughts on “SiriusXM sells its subscriber list, apparently”

  1. I was wondering about this. I get the same call – but only on my prius (not my previous car). Of course, I had a trial for Sirus XM…

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