My plugins and WordPress 4.2

WordPress 4.2 comes out tomorrow, and one of the important changes for developers relates to how taxonomy terms are handled. As part of a multi-release effort to improve the database schema for taxonomies and their terms, an antiquated feature of WordPress is being undone. In short, terms with the same name are no longer shared across taxonomies, and 4.2 will start splitting shared terms on update. For example, if you have a category called Musings and a tag of the same name, they’ll no longer share a term ID once edited in WordPress 4.2 and later.

For developers who are storing term IDs as part of the code they’ve written, this means our code now needs to account for the changing term IDs. Thankfully, WordPress Core provides an action, split_shared_term, for doing so.

Of the several plugins I’ve released, only two are impacted by this change. Today I released updates for both, so they now properly handle the changes coming with tomorrow’s WordPress release.

If you’re using either of these plugins, please update to their latest versions before editing your categories, tags, or custom taxonomy terms:

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  1. I just upgraded from php 7.2 to php 7.3 on my server. This caused Taxonomy List Widget to throw up a couple of errors thus:

    Warning: “continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”? in /homepages/22/d382273723/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/tag-list-widget/taxonomy-list-widget.php on line 395

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/22/d382273723/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/tag-list-widget/taxonomy-list-widget.php:395) in /homepages/22/d382273723/htdocs/wp-admin/includes/misc.php on line 1144
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    I have since deactivated it. But in order to copy the errors so I could paste them here I reactivated it and then I got this message too:

    The plugin generated 239 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

    If you can make the plugin work with php 7.3 and WP 5.0.1 I will consider continuing to use your plugin.

    Kind regards, Colin.

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