ChefTap is awesome!

As I’ve started cooking again, I’ve been in need of a way to store the recipes I’m collecting. The last time I made a go of feeding myself, I still had physical cookbooks, but that generally won’t be the case this time around.

Since I’m already a heavy Pocket user, I started by adding recipes there and tagging accordingly, but that quickly got annoying when I wanted to read an article I’d saved. The developer in me then thought about my own solution with the Jetpack recipe shortcode, but that seemed rather excessive as I assumed I wasn’t the only person thinking about this problem. 😉

So yes, shock of all shocks, I Googled “recipe saver” and ultimately found ChefTap. Its main competitor seems to be Paprika, which requires a separate purchase for each platform and offers no web access. ಠ_ಠ ChefTap, on the other hand, has a free tier and a $15.99 per year pro tier with more storage and syncing.

I signed up for the pro tier (I already had nearly 50 recipes to add) and after 15 minutes with the Android app, I love the service! 🎉

Even more exciting to me:

  • ChefTap is built on WordPress;
  • It uses BuddyPress to manage memberships and users’ recipes are stored in a custom post type;
  • The payment process stays on-site through a Stripe integration (secured with an extended-validation certification, by the by).

Overall, I find it a really neat integration with WordPress, and one that I wouldn’t have discovered has I not lost my password and recognized the reset process.

Now, to finish importing those recipes…

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