I Cooked! I’m Confused.

Those who know me will probably understand the title of this post. I’ve generally had no interest whatsoever in cooking for myself, so I haven’t for several years–not since I last lived alone. I’m fortunate that Chris enjoys cooking and has a particular talent for it, which hasn’t left me any reason to torture him with my ineptitude. Now, having recently adopted a Paleo-inspired diet, and with Chris out of town, I’m making a go of fending for myself.

Tonight’s attempt included salisbury steak (recipe care of The Domestic Man) and white rice prepared in beef broth. There was meant to be a vegetable, which I only remembered after everything else was ready and I was too hungry to wait any longer.

I’m generally happy with the outcome, and I’d make this again for sure. I only ran into a bit of trouble, with the potato starch, perhaps having never worked with it before. The recipe says to mix it with a bit of water before adding it to the mushrooms, but my attempt to do so left me with a useless, gooey blob. Slowly folding the starch into the soon-to-be-gravy overcame the problem, but definitely took patience.

2 thoughts on “I Cooked! I’m Confused.”

    1. Seems to be working so far! I’m just hoping my interest doesn’t wane as the novelty dissipates.

      Incidentally, knowing that eating out now presents a whole different set of challenges is motivating because it’s no longer the easy response to my laziness.

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