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Wow, Americans suck

In nearly as many months, American “sport” hunters have killed two animals whose deaths have led to worldwide condemnation. Well done, America.

First, in May, a Texas hunter killed an endangered black rhino in Namibia, simply because he had $350,000 to waste on such an endeavor.

Then, earlier this month, a Minnesota dentist paid upwards of $50,000 to kill a well-known lion in Zimbabwe, for no reason other than he’s a “big game” hunter.

As a person, I’ve nothing but ill will and intention aimed at these men. As an American, I’m embarrassed, appalled, and enraged that I’m associated with these barbarians. Their personal, financial, and social ruin is the least they should suffer. Physical injury seems warranted, even justified.

I’m boiling over with anger, and there’s nothing I can do, because I don’t have $400,000 to spend superfluously.

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3 thoughts on “Wow, Americans suck”

  1. “As an American, I’m embarrassed, appalled, and enraged that I’m associated with these barbarians.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m curious though, I wonder if it’s only Americans doing this. My guess is that barbarians from many countries do as well.

    Either way, people who do this should be hunted themselves.

    1. Definitely not just us, though it seems most popular with Americans. A correlation with our gun laws and general interest in hunting would not surprise me.

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