Backups volume

Following up on my backups-focused post from January, I wanted to share some statistics from my BackupPC instance.

Pool is 134.45GB comprising 1,211,118 files and 4,369 directories (as of 2016-05-04 00:34)

This pool dates to February 20, 2016.

There are 4 hosts that have been backed up, for a total of:

  • 87 full backups of total size 1,544.40GB (prior to pooling and compression),
  • 231 incr backups of total size 1,141.75GB (prior to pooling and compression).

As I noted in January, my BackupPC configuration takes hourly snapshots of my three production VPS, performing a full backup every three days. The quantity of incremental backups is what it is because each VPS profile retains all of the incremental backups made between each full backup (72 of them, per server).

Fortunately, the VPS hosting my BackupPC service has 750GB of storage, so my relatively-insignificant consumption rate isn’t a concern.