Flic controller for Home Assistant updated with breaking changes

While it’s no longer necessary because Home Assistant 0.35 introduced native support for Flic buttons, I’m still using the controller I released just before Home Assistant updated. In part, this is because I haven’t taken the time to switch the integrations over to Home Assistant automations. Also, having spent some time on the controller, I am not ready to abandon it.

In that spirit, I made several updates that are now in its master branch at https://git.ethitter.com/open-source/flic-button-home-assistant-controller, bringing the controller to version 0.2.5. This version is not backwards compatible with v0.1.0’s configuration format, which is why I’m even posting about it.

To support all three click types–single, double, and hold–as well as to allow arbitrary responses to entity states, the config.json format has changed considerably. Please check the accompanying README for details, or review config-sample.json and compare that to the existing config.json to identify the necessary changes. To avoid any unexpected behaviour or consequences, the controller will exit if the configuration version doesn’t meet its needs.

Get the latest version from https://git.ethitter.com/open-source/flic-button-home-assistant-controller, or check out https://home-assistant.io/components/binary_sensor.flic/ to integrate Flic buttons more-directly with Home Assistant1.

  1. The section of my release post covering the flicd installation remains a handy guide when moving to Home Assistant, as the daemon is still required.