I love my CDN

KeyCDN is rather spectacular. I’ve used them for more than two years now, and their features-for-price are unmatched. Of greatest importance to me, they support custom SSL certificates as part of their basic offering. Given my obsession with HSTS and HPKP (see also), this was essential.

In the last six months, they’ve spared my VPS appreciable traffic:

I can’t recommend KeyCDN enough. I’m told that Brotli and IPv6 support are coming in the first quarter of 2017. 🎉

2 thoughts on “I love my CDN”

  1. I’ve personally just moved my assets back to my VPS (was using S3+Cloudfront before). Given the still low traffic (seems like ~20GB/month), I’m wondering why you think a CDN is necessary for your website?

    My VPS supports IPv6 and I just recompiled nginx with brotli support. I’m also serving all websites with HTTP/2. Given that HTTP/2 is much faster in sending multiple files to the client I think a CDN might actually have a negative impact on website performance as the client has to do another DNS resolution + open a new connection.


    1. My reasons are twofold: legacy and user experience.

      In the case of user experience, while a fair portion of my traffic is from the US, at least a third (if not more; I’m responding on mobile so can’t confirm) comes from abroad. This site runs from a single Linode in the eastern US, so KeyCDN’s distribution is beneficial.

      As for legacy, when I first introduced the CDN, my Linode was much smaller than it is today, which made offloading the traffic worthwhile. As I’ve written about, this VPS serves many purposes, perhaps too many at times, so I’ve looked to distribute the load rather than upgrade capacity.

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