So many speedtests

Home Assistant runs frequent speedtests, perhaps too-frequent. One of the components I’ve configured is, provided by Netflix. Over the last month, we’ve consumed 385 GB just for Netflix:

Nearly 56% of our Netflix traffic comes from speedtests! 😳

Amusingly, the tests aren’t even accurate. While the Pi has a gigabit ethernet adapter, its ports are USB 2, so gigabit speeds aren’t possible; instead, the maximum speed is somewhere around 200 Mbps, compared to the 320 Mbps reports in my browser. backs up‘s number:

One thought on “So many speedtests”

  1. Aside, speedtests are nice enough, but sustained throughput is also important. For fun, I decided to test our network setup, and could consistently hit 115 Mbps on the download side without issue.

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