Managing domain and certificate expiration with DomainMOD

With 40 domains–plus a half dozen certificates–to track, I added the DomainMOD tool to my repertoire. Its API integrations, in particular, made it an appealing choice, as I had little desire to manually enter so many details. After three months, I’m quite pleased with my decision.

Installation was as straightforward as a git checkout, creation of a MySQL table, and the addition of a server block to my nginx configuration. With DomainMOD successfully running, I configured it to use my mailserver, then got to importing my domains.

With support for about a dozen registrars’ APIs, I was fortunate enough that the two I use are covered. I obtained API credentials from both companies, configured the respective registrar assets in DomainMOD, then queued both to add my existing domains. Within fifteen minutes, about 40 domains were imported, giving me–for the first time–a single, comprehensive view of expirations and registrar usage. Though SSL certificate details weren’t imported, it was simple enough to manually add that information; after all, there were only six of them (Let’s Encrypt satisfies most of my needs), and the associated domains were already in the system.

Below is what my dashboard currently shows. DomainMOD also sends a daily email that lists everything expiring in the next 45 days. Between this newest addition and my existing monitoring, I’ve little concern that an important domain or certificate might expire without my knowledge.

Installation is thoroughly documented at