GitLab on the move again

After a few successful months of testing, I've once again moved The decision was purely financial–my GitLab instance doesn't receive enough traffic to warrant's pricing. As far as reliability and value were concerned, was excellent. I would've appreciated built-in backups, but otherwise, I have no complaints about the service.

It will likely come as little surprise that is back on Linode. Compared to Digital Ocean, Linode is slightly more-generous with its resources, and GitLab wants all the resources it can get.

The migration itself was quite easy, with most of the time was spent preparing the server; GitLab's backup/restore process did most of the hard work. Now I just have to finish the ancillary setup, like monitoring.

2 thoughts on “GitLab on the move again”

    1. I’m running it on a 2gb box, which has been quite sufficient. I’m the only regularly-logged-in user, and most of the traffic is read-only, but it might not support your needs depending on your traffic profile.

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