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Recent Plugin Updates

Over the last few weeks, in anticipation of the release of WordPress 5.2 and to test my GitLab-CI-based plugin deployments, I’ve made minor updates to several of my plugins.

External Permalinks Redux

Version 1.2 adds a new method for retrieving redirect data, which allowed for the introduction of unit tests. The plugin is also updated to conform to coding standards.

Download at https://wordpress.org/plugins/external-permalinks-redux/.

View All Posts Pages

Version 0.9.3 introduces unit tests in response to WordPress 5.2 making changes to get_the_content() that, during early release candidates, broke this plugin; the plugin is fully compatible with the final release of 5.2. It also now adheres to coding standards.

Download at https://wordpress.org/plugins/view-all-posts-pages/.

ETH Simple Shortlinks

Version 0.6 introduces several new filters in the plugin’s method that handles redirecting shortlink requests. The plugin is also updated to adhere to coding standards and now includes unit tests.

Additionally, before performing a redirect, the destination object’s type and status are checked against the same lists that control whether or not the plugin rewrites that object’s shortlink. Previously, any properly-formed request would attempt to redirect to that object’s permalink, even if it was in a post type, or had a post status, that wasn’t supported. A filter is provided to defeat this check, restoring the pre-0.6 behaviour.

Download at https://wordpress.org/plugins/eth-simple-shortlinks/.

ETH Redirect To Latest Post

Version 0.3 adds two new filters in the method used to look up the latest post, allowing object types other than post to be redirected to. Unit tests are also included, as are updates to meet coding standards.

Download at https://wordpress.org/plugins/eth-redirect-to-latest-post/.

Taxonomy Dropdown Widget & Taxonomy List Widget

Both are now compatible with PHP 7.2.

Download at https://wordpress.org/plugins/tag-dropdown-widget/ and https://wordpress.org/plugins/tag-list-widget/, respectively.

I’m a vim user, despite the header image. nano’s okay. 😜

Header image credit: “Source code security plugin” by Christiaan Colen; https://flic.kr/p/xp2RBy

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