Some things I read this week

Of the many articles I read this week, these stuck with me.

Yes, I’ve looked past Brexit, because its near-term impact is largely emotional.

Last, but certainly not least, is a striking article that someone resurfaced on Facebook recently:

What It’s Really Like To Be An Alcoholic (Thought Catalog)

How Airbnb and Lyft Finally Got Americans to Trust Each Other

I’ve used Airbnb dozens of times, and I absolutely love the service. Despite my affinity for renting strangers’ places, I’m not so keen to rent my own place to strangers.

Wired’s piece on the social impact these services are having made me laugh a bit when considering on my own attitude.

Many of these companies have us engaging in behaviors that would have seemed unthinkably foolhardy as recently as five years ago. We are hopping into strangers’ cars (Lyft, Sidecar, Uber), welcoming them into our spare rooms (Airbnb), dropping our dogs off at their houses (DogVacay, Rover), and eating food in their dining rooms (Feastly). We are letting them rent our cars (RelayRides, Getaround), our boats (Boatbound), our houses (HomeAway), and our power tools (Zilok). We are entrusting complete strangers with our most valuable possessions, our personal experiences—and our very lives.

How Airbnb and Lyft Finally Got Americans to Trust Each Other” by Jason Tanz.