Tasting Three “Rebels”: Sam Adams’ Long-Due Experimentation in IPA

From Paste Magazine, a review of Samuel Adam’s latest three IPA releases. I enjoy the Rebel IPA, and the new additions aren’t bad either. Any of the three is a solid option when I’m looking for an IPA and there’s nothing more adventurous to be had.

It’s no secret that the Sam Adams line, unlike many American craft brewers, was not built on the altar of IPA. In fact, the company has always been notable in its general apathy toward intensely hoppy beer, at least in the American sense. Before Rebel IPA was widely released in 2014, the company made no widely available, American-style IPA, despite having existed since 1984. The closest thing was the Latitude 48 series, which, like most Sam Adams beers, tended to feature hop profiles from the U.K., Germany and the rest of the European continent first and foremost.

— from “Tasting Three ‘Rebels’: Sam Adams’ Long-Due Experimentation in IPA” at http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2015/02/tasting-three-rebels-sam-adams-long-due-experiment.html