No, Really, The Procrastination Must End!

I was laid off in June 2009, and a typical response to what I planned to do with my newfound free time was, “I’ll study and sit for the CPA exam.” It’s now the end of January, and I’ve done neither.

To be honest, money was always a problem. The exam isn’t exactly inexpensive to take, comprising of four parts that each cost roughly $200 to register for. Then there’s the initial registration fee exacted simply to find out whether my education qualifies me. That second part always made me nervous, since my Bachelors degree is in Audio Engineering Technology. But, earlier this month, I finally sent my application and a check equivalent to my monthly car payment to the processing center in Tennessee.

On Saturday, I received an email from NTS Notification Service1 that I was too afraid to open. After all, as an organizer for WordCamp Boston, I was too preoccupied to concern myself with the notice, and if the message was a rejection, I didn’t want to distract myself with that nightmare.

Thankfully, when I finally opened the email this morning, my apprehension was met with the following relief:

CPA Examination Candidate:

Your state board has found you eligible to take the Uniform CPA Examination.

So, having received my Notice to Schedule, I now have until late July to sit for the first section of the exam. That gives me 18 months from now to complete all four parts. Clearly, my procrastination (a skill that could likely earn me a doctorate, at least an honorary one) must end.

How ironic that the notice comes just as I’ve involved myself in myriad other engagements ranging from freelance web design and programming to audio engineering.

  1. NTS stands for Notice to Schedule, the official clearance that permits me to schedule a particular section of the exam.

Preparing For the CPA Exam

The procrastination is over.

After six months of relaxing, I’ve mailed the registration forms and made the financial commitment to sit for the CPA exam.

Over the course of 2010, look for periodic updates on my progress as I study for the four parts that comprise the exam. For those taking the exam in the future, I’ll include my study methods, how I’m keeping motivated, and any other useful tips I can provide.

Hopefully, by the end of February, I’ll have taken the Auditing & Attestation portion of the exam.

With any luck, I’ll have more success this time around than I did with my last attempt.