Response from DreamHost Regarding Its Ongoing Nightmare

My web host, DreamHost, recently moved its operations to a new datacenter, resulting in major outages and headaches for myself and its many other customers (see “Regarding My Site’s Downtime” and “Ongoing Server Problems Test My Patience, Hamper Productivity“). So overwhelmed with complaints was its support staff that the company resorted to canned responses to customers’ inquiries.

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Regarding My Site’s Downtime

After not hearing from my host for more than 24 hours, I received the response quoted below. To DreamHost’s credit, the company was amidst a datacenter relocation, which only exacerbated the issues I experienced. Responses like this are among the reasons why I have continued to use DreamHost over the last four years. In the company’s defense, since the issues were resolved, my sites have responded with surprising speed. While I threatened to move to a competitor, DreamHost’s resolution of my complaints demonstrats why I will continue my relationship with the host.


Sorry about the downtime experienced yesterday morning as well as the lack of response. We have separated all messages regarding this issue to a special support team that was handling and making sure your issue got the attention it needed. We have been experiencing network problems since we moved new machine to this data center from our previous location. We made a few major changes after yesterday mornings problems once we realized that the downtime occurred at the same time each day. Our network experts changed the way we were routing some key services that were accessed by your machine via the network. We also adjusted some scheduled updates that were running near that time as well and spread those out. Unfortunately we did not contact you yesterday as we wanted to see if the changes we made had any impact this morning. Thankfully they did have an impact. We did not have the massive downtime we were seeing at 630am PST time. So we are excited to report that we act
ually feel we have this issue resolved.

On a side note we notice the network was still not 100% perfect like we want it to be so we have further behind the scenes maintenance scheduled for Monday but your service should be stable throughout.

If you are still having problems please let us know as your issue will not be related to this. Sorry if we missed your issue.

Thank you for your patience and support of DreamHost during this tough data center migration period. The major parts of the move are complete and we have finally wrapped up the majority of 6 months of planning, then executing the migration.


Ongoing Server Problems Test My Patience, Hamper Productivity

As visitors may have noticed, has suffered a number of outages over the last few days. My host, DreamHost, has experienced a number of problems with the servers powering this site (and many others) since it began moving its equipment to a new location. The recurring issues are disconcerting because, on more than one occasion, DreamHost has announced that it had resolved the problems only to discover that it hadn’t. I’ve been a customer for four years, but never before have I experienced problems of this magnitude, and the ongoing issues are testing my patience.

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