Tracking discrete server configurations

As I’ve written about previously, I currently maintain four servers that together support the many pieces of my online presence. There’s relatively little configuration overlap between each instance, so I wasn’t particularly interested in a solution like Capistrano, Chef, or Puppet. My need was for tracking iterations, not repeating setups, so I leveraged Git.


In the root of each server, I initialize a Git repository and create a The readme contains pertinent details like the server’s IPs, provider, and hardware specifications. I also note the services running thereon and any TCP ports they’re bound to.

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Building git 2.x from source on Debian

For most, the version of git available with your distribution is sufficient. I, however, like to make things interesting for myself. Accordingly, neither the git build available in wheezy main nor wheezy-backports meets my needs (Jessie also doesn’t provide the latest release). Provided are 1.7 and 1.9, respectively; I need at least 2.41.

Fortunately, building git from source isn’t particularly challenging.

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  1. Owing to GitLab, which deserves its own post.