I Cooked! I’m Confused.

Those who know me will probably understand the title of this post. I’ve generally had no interest whatsoever in cooking for myself, so I haven’t for several years–not since I last lived alone. I’m fortunate that Chris enjoys cooking and has a particular talent for it, which hasn’t left me any reason to torture him with my ineptitude. Now, having recently adopted a Paleo-inspired diet, and with Chris out of town, I’m making a go of fending for myself.

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Attempting Paleo

Chris and I recently decided to try the Paleo diet. The choice wasn’t born from dietary restrictions, and the reasons aren’t interesting enough to write about, but we’re making an effort to eat roughly a Paleo diet.

As we try this, one great resource has been Russ Crandall’s The Domestic Man. We met Russ last month while at Press Publish in Phoenix, and I’ve been drooling over his recipes ever since.

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