Skyline Drive, Round 2

As I mentioned in my August 19 post entitled “Skyline Drive, Round 1,” I had the opportunity to drive Skyline Drive in May, but the weather did not afford many views. Ever since, I’ve been trying to plan another traverse of Skyline Drive. Just before Labor Day, the weather finally cooperated.

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Skyline Drive, Round 1

Back in May, I had the chance to traverse Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Unfortunately, as you’ll see from the pictures, the weather wasn’t conducive to sightseeing. Nonetheless, the views I could capture were beautiful. In the near future, I do plan another attempt in fairer weather, so keep an eye out for Skyline Drive, Round 2.

As its name implies, Skyline Drive follows a mountain ridge through Shenandoah National Park. At 35 mph, the 105-mile drive takes roughly four hours, without factoring in the regular stops for deer. As I discovered, deer are everywhere on the Drive, so when I came across “deer crossing” signs, I knew I’d better slow down. In all, I spent about five hours on Skyline Drive between the speed limit, deer sightings, and stopping at its 75 overlooks.

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