Adding Insult to Injury

While already trailing the Dallas Cowboys by 11 in the fourth quarter of tonight’s preaseason matchup, a penalty was called against Tennessee Titans quarterback Patrick Ramsey for intentionally grounding the ball prior to being sacked. Too bad Ramsey was standing in the end zone when he discarded the ball. Unable to penalize for yardage, Ramsey’s move resulted in a safety, giving the Cowboys a 13-point lead with the score 23-10.

Remy Returns to NESN on Friday, August 21

Today, Jerry Remy announced his long-awaited return to the NESN broadcast booth. His first game back will be at Fenway against the Yankees this Friday, August 21. According to The Remy Report (his official site), he will ease back into his duties, and likely won’t be along for the road trips to start. It’ll be great to have him back, even if just at Fenway.