2014 Travel Stats

Last year around this time, I posted my TripIt travel stats after a year of constant living as a nomad. Before 2014’s data disappeared, I thought a comparison was in order.

This year, despite settling in Southern California, I managed to visit 53 cities across five countries. I covered 94,518 miles (152,112 km) in 210 days. Compared to last year, I traveled 92 fewer days and 35,891 fewer miles.

All told, TripIt reports I’ve traveled 304,626 miles (490,248 km) to 108 cities in 10 countries, taking 671 days.

I loved the two years I spent wandering, but it’s been really nice to spend many consecutive weeks at home. I look forward to even less long-distance travel in 2015.

Header photo from https://i.ethitter.com/2014/04/driving-pch-ventura-sf/.

Tracking A Nomad’s Whereabouts

One of the unique challenges I encounter as a nomad who also leads a team is accessibility, both to my team and my coworkers in general. While I can predict when my team will be working based on their locations, they cannot do the same for me.

Following a rather entertaining conversation in which I asked a coworker about the weather where he lives and he couldn’t respond in kind, I created https://whereis.ethitter.com/. Currently it’s just a series of scheduled posts, but I would eventually like to tie it either to TripIt or Foursquare. As it happens, I’m running Beau Leben’s excellent Keyring Social Importers, so I already have data from those services accessible within the multisite installation that runs all of my sites.

Are there other, non-homegrown, solutions to accomplish the same? I’ve found a few, but all try to do too much for my needs. One of these days, I suppose I’ll get around to leveraging the data I already have so I can automate this process.

If you travel frequently, have you encountered the same problem? How did you address it?

2013 Was A Year of…Travel!

About halfway through the year, I posted my travel stats as collected by TripIt. I did so because I was amused by the proportion of time I’d spent traveling versus at “home,” which is nominally Boston.

Back then, I’d spent 156 of 196 days traveling, or roughly 80% of the year on the go.

I checked again this morning, and was further amused. I have no further travel planned for 2013, which leaves me with the following:

I was gone from Boston for 302 of the 365 days in 2013. That’s about 83% of the year. In those 302 days, I traveled 130,409 miles, or 209,873 kilometers. I visited 56 cities in four countries across two continents.

2014 doesn’t look to be much different. I leave Boston this Friday, January 3, and have plans that will keep me away through at least the middle of February; I hope to extend that many months more. In 2013, I managed to leave Boston in January and not return until June, which is to say, I have a new personal record to set. 🙂

Travel stats, a bit past midyear

I happened upon the stats in TripIt this morning. Laughing ensued.

For the year, I’ve been gone from home (the Boston area, vaguely) 156 days. Today is day 196. Quick math says, I’ve been away from “home” 80% of the year. Mind you, I write this from Montréal, where I’m spending a chunk of the summer.

How far have I gone in these 156 days? 60,388 miles or 97,185 km.

Having a job that allows me to be a nomad has its advantages. By the way, Automattic is always hiring.