WP_Query, pre_get_posts, and eliminating query_posts()

Last night, I spoke at the Boston WordPress meetup about the WP_Query class. Below is the description from my talk, a link to the original HTML slides, as well as a link to the slides on SlideShare. As soon as video is available, I’ll post a link to that as well.

At the heart of WordPress is the WP_Query class, used to retrieve practically all content from the database and prepare it for display. In this presentation, I’ll discuss the myriad arguments available with WP_Query, the various properties and methods that are automatically populated, and the advanced queries made possible through filters within the class. I’ll also review the pre_get_posts action, detail how it can be used to modify standard WordPress queries and completely eliminate query_posts(), and explain why you’d want to do so in the first place.

My source slides are available at http://slides.ethitter.com/bostonwp-wp-query-2012-01-30/. Use your keyboard’s arrow keys to navigate between slides.

The slides are also available on SlideShare and are embedded below.

Caching, Scaling, and What I’ve Learned from WordPress.com VIP

Last night, I gave a talk at the Boston WordPress Meetup that talked about caching and scaling WordPress. Using what I’ve learned working on the WordPress.com VIP platform, this presentation discusses caching techniques applicable to WordPress installations of almost any size.

The slides from my talk are embedded below and available on Slideshare. The video is also available below.