Unmoored, adrift

I’ve had this feeling, since moving to Southern California, of being untethered. It’s an odd feeling to have as I’m no longer a nomad, and it’s all because of the weather.

I grew up in New Hampshire, a place that experiences all four seasons in earnest: 100° F days in summer, and feet upon feet of snow in winter. With these seasons came a sense of the time of year. For the past few months, the start of each was a small surprise. Considering that as I write this, it’s sunny and 61° F where I live now, while it sleets at 34° F where I grew up, this is not so surprising. Moving to Ventura meant giving up seasons, and the concept that pants are appropriate in “winter.”

I’m sure this realization will entertain me months or years from now, after I’ve acclimated to palm-tree Christmases. For now, I’ll enjoy the abundance of sun and shorts-appropriate weather I’m settling into as I wish my family and friends on the East Coast the best this winter.

(To get a sense for how eagerly I’ve taken to California, consider the 40+ entries on my photoblog with the California tag: https://i.ethitter.com/location/united-states/california/.)

It’s A Sign

After another month-long stay in California, it’s time to return to Boston. Holidays and commitments made before deciding to live in SoCal both require it.

The crazy thing is that even though I’m moving out here–so I know I’ll be back–I’m still quite unhappy to leave. I’d say the impending move was the right choice if a two-month absence troubles me.

My Love Affair With Scenic Drives

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in New Hampshire and had to drive everywhere, often on bucolic country roads. It could’ve been the boredom-induced exploration of a state just-moved-to, one with relatively few urban areas. Or perhaps it’s the experience of rounding a corner on a winding road and being confronted with overwhelming natural beauty. I’m not sure what is the genesis of my insatiable desire to drive long distances to experience natural beauty, but I also don’t mind that California is replete with options to satisfy my needs.

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Moving on from always moving on

Five years ago, I was unemployed and bored, and somehow happened upon the idea of a WordCamp. As luck would have it, there were plans underway for one in Boston, and help was needed. With an abundance is free time, I gladly volunteered–a decision that led to a job and my current career.

The last five years have been a wild and often-surreal experience of travel, growth, and so much WordPress. Boston has been my base through this time, and New England where I’ve always called home, but soon that changes.

For more than two years now, I’ve been a nomad in a long-distance relationship, but I’ll soon drop both descriptors. Chris and I are moving to Los Angeles this summer.

I love traveling and the nomadic lifestyle, but I’m ready to settle down with my boyfriend and move on with our life together.